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作者:Alice 来源:重庆西语东叙翻译公司 发表时间:2013/11/27 13:37:04 浏览:2512次

001  良好的个性胜于卓越的才智

001  Good character is better than extraordinary talent.


002  婴儿的情绪,是认识世界的反映

002  Baby's emotion is the mirror of their knowing the world.


003  天赋如同自然花木,要用来修剪

003  Gift is just like the the flowers and trees in nature, needing trimmingand cultivation.


004  对孩子来说,生活就是一所学校,一草一木都可以成为研究、探索的对象

004  For kids, life is a school, where everything can be the object of their learning and exploration.


005  幼儿的学习是全方位,并不局限于读写算和各种技艺

005  Kids' learning should be all-round rather than being confined to the learning of reading, writing, counting and various skills.


006  教育上操之过急和缓慢滞后,都会摧残孩子正常的心理发育

006  It will  damage the kids' normal mental development, if their education is rushed or slowed.


007  任何行业,走向成功的第一步是对它产生兴趣,幼儿学习更是如此

007  The first step to success in every field is interest. It is especially true for kids' learning.


008  教育必须从心理上探索儿童的兴趣和习惯开始

008  Education should begin with exploring kids' interests and habits from their psychology.


009  父母在教育孩子的同时,也在进行自我教育

009  Parentsare educating themselves while educating their children.


010  父母是天然的教师,他们对儿童,特别是幼儿的影响最大

010  Parents are the natural teachers, who make the greatest impact on children, especiallybabies.


011  激发幼儿的求知和学习的欲望,远比教会有限的知识有意义得多

011  It is more meaningful to stimulate the children's desire for knowledge andlearning than to teach them finite knowledge.


012  父母要逐渐培养孩子独立思考、独立解决问题的习惯,并由此树立孩子的信心

012  Parents should help their children develop their habit of  thinking independently and solving problems independently so as to build their confidence.


013  教导儿童的主要技巧,是把儿童应做的事变成一种游戏

013  The main skill in teaching children is to make what the children shoulddo into a game.

014  一个人的成功=1%IQ(智商)+99%EQ(情商)

014  Success=1% IQ+99%EQ


015  母爱是人世间最神圣的感情,因为这种感情最没有利禄之心掺杂其间

015  Mother's love is the most sacred affection in the world, in that it has no other complex feelings intermingled in.


016  孩子在幼儿其间,蕴藏着无限的可能性,需要父母加以挖掘和引导

016  There are various possibilities hidden when children are in their childhood, which needs parents' discovery and guidance.


017  只有教师和家长协调一致,才能形成教育的合力

017  Only when teachers and parents coordinate, can the joint force of education be formed.


018  父母不可能陪伴孩子一辈子,所以必须从小培养孩子的社会意识和独立意识

018  Parents cannot accompany the children all their life, so it is a must tocultivate their social awareness and their sense of independence.


019  在达到理智的年龄之前,孩子不能接受观念,而只能接受形象

019  Before the age of reasoning, the children can only accept images, butnot conceptions.


020  父母教育孩子的过程,也是自身不断感悟和学习的过程

020 Parenting is also a process of continual perception and study.


021  教育的艺术不在于传授本领,而在于极力、唤醒和鼓舞

021  The art of education does not lie in imparting knowledge, but inarousing and encouraging.


022  孩子的幽默是最自然、最坦率的人类语言,需要父母用心去发现和体会

022  The Kids' sense of humor is the most natural and the most candid language, which needs parents to discover and experience diligently.


023  父母是子女在生活中一切言行举止的启蒙老师

023  Parents are the first teachers to teach the kids to conduct in life.


024  孩子的理性是不断成长的,不要喂养他们,而要引导他们

024  The child's reason grows gradually. So don't feed them, but guide them.


025  只要家长善于利用,生活中的每个细节都可以用来教育孩子

025  Everydetail can be used to educate kids, so long as parents are adept at using it.


026  在生活中学习,是幼儿最有效的学习方法

026  It is the most efficient way for kids to learn in life.


027  性格塑造始于婴儿时期

027  The modelling of character begins at infancy.


028  如果你真的爱孩子,就该送他“出海经风浪”

028  You should expose your child to trials if you really love him.


029  想象与显示不分使孩子很容易融入到故事情景中,并从中受到教育

029  It will make kids easily integrate into the story scenerio and get education fromit by blurring imagination and demonstration.


030  适时引导孩子讲故事,这是保持他们思想活跃的绝妙方法

030  It is a marvellous approach to keeping the kids active in thinking byguidins them in time to tell stories.


031  结合童话寓意,引导孩子去思考、探索,比单纯说理要深刻

031  It is much more useful to guide the kids with the implicature of fairy tales tothink and to explore  than dull preaching.


032  简单、凝练的童话往往蕴涵着丰富的知识和深刻的道理

032  Simple,concise fairy tales are often embedded with a wealth of  knowledge and profoud truth.


033  丰富的想象力比书本知识更重要

033  Rich imagination is more important than book knowledge.


034  在孩子的世界里,一切东西跟人一样,都是有思想、有感情的

034  In the world of kids, all the things havethoughts and feelings, just as human beings do.


035  一切教育都是从我们对儿童天性的理解开始

035  Education begins with our understanding of the kid's nature.


036  孩子自己动手制作小玩具,虽然粗糙,但远比买来的现成的精美玩具玩得快乐

036  Kids get more fun from their DIY small and rough toys than from the purchased delicate ready-made toys.

037  父母是孩子认识世界、获取知识的第一所学校

037  Parents are the first school for the kids to know about the world and acquireknowledge.


038  育儿过程有艰辛,也有欢乐

038  There are bitterness and happiness in bringing up a child.


039  教育幼儿除了要有耐心之外,还要讲究方法和技巧

039  Eductating kids requires not only patience, but also methods and skills.


040  家庭教育的任务,首先是父母教育、父母学习

040  The foremost task of family education is the education and learning for parents.


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